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Workplace Tips for Employers and Their Employees

Updated: May 28, 2020

The new COVID-19 virus is an infectious disease which is mostly transmitted through person to person contact. Although all workplaces have not yet officially been granted permission to reopen, it is best to practice safety and health procedures well in advance to be ready for when you do have to go back to work, if you haven’t already. 

See below for Sanitize Squad’s tips and recommendations for being safe and healthy at your workplace: 

1. Avoid close contact 

With the new social distancing guidelines - leaving 2 metres in distance between yourself and others - these precautions should also be implemented in the workplace. 

Employer: ensure that workplaces can allow for employees to have a minimum of 2 metres distance from their fellow co-workers, whether this be spacing between desk/workspaces, hallway reconfiguration, and separate entry and exit points throughout your business. This will minimize the spread of any germs on surfaces in high volume areas. 

Employees: make sure you speak to your employer or supervisors in regards to how they are implementing social distancing guidelines throughout your workplace to be aware of how your workplace will operate. Remember to leave a 2 metre distance between you and your co-workers when socializing. 

2. Stay home if you have flu like symptoms, are just not feeling well or have been in close contact with someone who has such symptoms

Employer: to ensure the safety of yourself, your business and your employees, implementing a temperature check before employees enter the workplace would help prevent the spread of viruses like the COVID-19. Also, allowing employees to work from home, if at all possible, would eliminate the potential of any employees contracting or spreading germs. 

Employees: it is important to be aware of your surroundings, whether you’re running errands, going to work or simply going for a walk. Your health will always come before work so for the well-being of yourself and the people around you, if you are feeling unwell or have been around someone with symptoms related to COVID-19, notify your workplace superior immediately. Be sure to visit your local COVID-19 testing facilities if you feel that you may have contracted the COVID-19 virus. 

3. Avoid touching face, especially eyes, mouth and nose

The spread of germs is often related to a person touching a surface that is contaminated with germs that could be related to infectious viruses such as COVID-19 and then touching his or her eyes, nose and/or mouth. 

Employers: make sure to wipe high traffic area surfaces often and sanitize before and after a work day. See how Sanitize Squad can help by viewing our “The Importance of Cleaning and Sanitization in the Midst of a Pandemic - COVID-19 Update” blog. 

Employees: avoid touching face throughout workday and wash hands as often as possible. Remember that sanitizing your hands frequently and washing them every opportunity you get will help protect you and those around you from getting sick. 

4. Cover your mouth and nose to avoid that spread of germs

Be sure to cover mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing to prevent those around you from getting sick.

Employers: make sure the workplace is equipped with necessary materials such as tissue boxes, gloves, hand sanitizer, face masks, etc., to allow for their employees to be safe and healthy in given workplace. 

Employees: be sure to use required materials to ensure the safety of yourself and your co-workers. 

5. Wash your hands often

The World Health Organization has released a statement which mentions that hands should be washed for a minimum of 20 seconds (singing “Happy Birthday twice) will protect you from germs. 

Employers: make sure that your restrooms and sink facilities are readily available to your employees and that soap and paper towels are easily accessible to anyone that will enter the workplace. Also, be sure to promote hand washing by posting posters to the walls in the restrooms. See how Sanitize Squad can help by viewing our “The Importance of Cleaning and Sanitization in the Midst of a Pandemic - COVID-19 Update” blog. 

Employees: be sure to wash your hands as often as possible by using the procedures mentioned above to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. 

6. Practice other good hygiene and health habits

The use of regular household cleaning products like Lysol wipes, disinfectant sprays, cleaning sprays on frequently touched objects and areas at home and work are also ways to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19.

Employers: regularly checking and maintaining cleaning supplies such as the ones mentioned above helps the possible spread of germs in your workplace. Sanitize Squad can help, see how by checking out our “The Importance of Cleaning and Sanitization in the Midst of a Pandemic - COVID-19 Update” blog. 

Employees: make sure you are aware of all your workplace related procedures by speaking to your workplace supervisors. Use all necessary precautions to helps prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. 

If your business requires Sanitize Squad’s rescuing measures to help protect your employees and yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us at (647)560-2610 or email us at We offer 24/7 maintenance and sanitization services dedicated to help you during this crisis. Let us help ensure your business is safe and healthy! 

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