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If your home, property, or office has recently been through either a big or small construction project and is now cluttered by debris, call the construction cleanup experts at Sanitize Squad. 

We can also offer cleaning services during construction. We applied a three-stage cleaning process to ensure a thorough and complete job. Our three-stage cleaning process includes: extensive cleaning, detail cleaning, and final/touch-up cleaning.

We will dispose of all your post-construction materials and meticulously clean your home, office, or facility after or during your construction & renovation.

Our post construction clean-up services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Dust and Debris Removal and Vacuuming

  • Lights and Glass Washing 

  • Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Wall and Floor Washing and Polishing

  • Environmentally Conscious Services

  • Cleaning inside and outside of all home/office furniture

  • High dust removal from ceiling pipes, duct work, vents, light fixtures, etc.

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