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Trauma Cleaning Services

  • Drug laboratories

  • Blood cleaning 

  • Anything involving bodily fluids

  • Infectious or biohazard material

  • Crime scene clean up

  • Murder or suicide crime scene

  • Industrial accidents

  • Unattended deaths

Trauma Cleaning Services

The last thing you want to do after a tragic tragedy is going near the place, let alone clean it up. Sanitize Squad has expert training to do trauma clean-up after any type of occurrence. Whether it's crime scenes, killings, suicides, large-scale blood spills, or industrial catastrophes, we're here to assist you to get back on track.


Trauma cleaners are unique among cleaning companies. We specialize in cleaning after traumatic events. Events, incidents, or crimes involving the following require specialized Trauma cleaning services:

The Importance of Trauma Scene Cleaning

Following a traumatic occurrence, you must act immediately to ensure that biohazardous materials are controlled and disposed of properly. Many health concerns are linked with trauma scene cleaning, especially when dealing with biohazardous materials such as bodily fluids, blood, and drug paraphernalia.

Infection by bloodborne pathogens, such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, can result from accidental exposure to biohazards like blood. Delays in trauma clean-up can have life-threatening implications.

Following a distressing occurrence such as a car accident or a crime, you should always contact a professional cleaning firm like Sanitize Squad. To protect your health and the health of others, you must plan for trauma cleaning services.

Effective trauma scene clean-up will help to reduce the danger of contamination and infection, which can be fatal.

Professional Trauma Cleaning Services

When we answer the phone, we'll ask you for as much information as you can provide. We recognize that organizing trauma cleaning services can be a challenging procedure, therefore we will always be there to support you and treat you with care.

  • Evaluation of the Location : Our trauma scene cleaners will arrive at your location, assess the biohazard risk, and put on the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) to guarantee that they can work safely.


      Our specialists are highly qualified to examine the trauma scene and choose the best decontamination equipment, products, and                            techniques. They will personalize their trauma clean-up method to your specific needs to guarantee the greatest possible outcome.

  • Trauma Cleaning : After assessing the situation, our staff will perform trauma cleaning utilizing modern decontamination equipment. We will do a quick and thorough trauma clean to remove biohazardous materials and ensure that the damaged area is properly sterilized.


       Our cleaning professionals have vast experience with trauma scene cleaning in Canada and the United States. Our team is ready to provide           a professional and inconspicuous decontamination trauma cleaning service while responding to crime scenes or other scenarios.

Why Should You Call Sanitize Squad for Trauma Cleaning Services?

It is indeed very distressing for individuals to deal with traumatic incidents and nothing can be more painful if they also have to deal with cleaning the scene too.


It can also be potentially dangerous and hazardous to clean such scenes without any professional guidance as you are at constant risk of getting infected.


You're not just paying for a person to scrub a messy floor when you hire trauma cleaning services. Trauma cleaning businesses have stringent vetting processes that assess a person's technical and social abilities.


Here are some points that will give you the ardent reasons to hire Sanitize Squad for trauma cleaning services

     1. Paying Attention to The Details : Unlike normal cleaners, who will not leave until every crevice is pristine, trauma cleaners will not leave             until they are confident that the area is not only clean but also safe.


       Trauma cleaners are equipped to recognize the dangers of leaving a location exposed to biohazardous materials; we won't leave until every           nook is safe and pristine.


       We believe that the area is clean enough that people can return without fear of harming their health or safety.


     2. Specialized Training : People that have dedicated trauma cleaning training work for the best trauma cleaning firms. It's a highly                              specialized field that necessitates much training and understanding. We only hire the best of the best to work for Sanitize Squad.


       Trauma cleaning services arrive on the job with high-quality protection gear already installed. Trauma cleaners are fully equipped with the         proper safety supplies to get the job done, including goggles, shoe covers, multilayer gloves, biohazard suits, and respiratory masks.


       To prevent cross-contamination from one area to another, these products are disinfected after each task.


    3. Competent And Compassionate : It's part of the job to work in a high-stress setting. As a result, trauma cleaning services have the mental            strength to deal with even the most heinous crime and trauma scenes. Whereas normal cleaners may find working in certain areas                          distressing, trauma cleaners are prepared to face any condition.


        Aside from mental fortitude, trauma cleaners must also be sympathetic and understanding. Working with families, organizations, and                    onlookers who have just witnessed tragic events requires sensitivity and integrity.


     4. Rapid and Effective Action : Circumstances can twist quickly, leaving you in need of trauma cleaning services. We understand that when a           traumatic occurrence occurs, speed is of the essence, and in most circumstances, we can provide same-day trauma cleaning.


        In the event of an emergency, we are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quick and effective trauma scene cleaning. Our                          sanitation experts are always available to help you with your deep cleaning and sanitation needs.


Sanitize Squad-The Best Trauma Cleaning Service in Canada


It can feel harder to carry on after a horrific occurrence. Sanitize Squad is here to assist you in taking that first step. We are a 100% owned and fully insured business.


Our crew is prepared to offer complete cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services to guarantee that all residential and business environments are kept as clean as possible.


We have been specially trained to remove health risks and have spent years honing our skills so that we can effectively treat any place while leaving no harmful chemical or organic remains.


Sanitize Squad will give a skilled trauma cleaning team to clean and sanitize your house or business, restoring it to a normal state. So, make an appointment for your trauma cleaning now.

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