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A commercial building or facility needs to be clean at all times. In fact, larger buildings like medical offices, schools, hospitals, and outlet stores containing dental offices, gyms, law offices, and other stores, are constantly visited by people. This means that they must maintain an impeccable level of cleanliness to keep the spaces germ free and looking fresh. At Sanitize Squad, we understand that cleaning a commercial building not only creates a safe and healthy environment for your employees but also improves employees’ productivity and offers your customers a sense of comfort when they utilize your services. Nothing leads to a negative experience quicker than a dirty office space.

Restaurants & Bars

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We at Sanitize Squad want your restaurant staff to focus on their designated food station and be the best on their craft while we get your restaurant spic and span. Our team of professional cleaners is adept at all the elements of all comprehensive restaurant cleaning methods to ensure that the highest standards on sanitation are met. Our restaurant cleaning service specializes in deep cleaning from kitchens to dining areas and covers flooring, walls, and light fixtures.

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Industries & Warehouses

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Sanitize Squad provides comprehensive cleaning services for the industrial sector. Our team of sanitation specialists are experienced in the safe and effective cleaning of any industrial setting.  We are committed to providing a broad range of top industrial cleaning as well as janitorial services to both small and large facilities. We offer:

  • Janitorial Services

  • Power Washing/ Hydro Blasting

  • Industrial Vacuuming

  • Decontamination

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Daycares & Health Centers


Proper cleaning is important in any space, but it is particularly essential in daycares and healthcare centers. Whether you’re in a medical or dental clinic, daycare, or retirement home, our team of professional cleaners can provide thorough commercial cleaning services. We focus on details - restrooms, high traffic floor areas, nooks, and corners - not a detail is overlooked. We service:

  • Daycares

  • Dental Clinics

  • Medical Clinics

  • Retirement Homes

  • Offices

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